Bruce Simpson

. Achievements

    Bruce Simpson has been writing, cartooning & animating for over 30 years. In addition, he's…

  • Created HUNDREDS of animated shorts for kids shows including Prank Patrol, Mystery Hunters, Popular Mechanics For Kids and Finding Stuff Out.

  • Created TONS of online & mobile Games, as well as Kid's Content (Puzzles, Crafts, Quizzes, Jokes, Coloring Pages, etc.) for the likes of Disney & YTV.

  • Directed animation on LOTS of TV shows & movies including Disney's Jojo's Circus, the Gemini award winning, Life's a Zoo and The Dogfather.

  • Creator of award winning independent films (including Stick Girl) seen worldwide on The Comedy Network, Teletoon, TVOntario, Trouble TV UK and at various Film Festivals including Annecy, Ottawa and Spike & Mike.

  • Created Animation for The Art Gallery of Ontario, Disney, Hanna Barbara, MGM, Warner Bros., Film Roman, Nelvana, Amblin, The NHL, Teletoon and The Cartoon Network.

  • Written for movies, television, comics, magazines & the web (member of The Writers Guild of Canada).

  • Character Voice Actor.

  • Animation teacher.