Bruce Simpson

. ANIMATED SHORTS December 12, 1997


    The weekly children's program Popular Mechanics For Kids, seen across North America and abroad on Saturday & Sunday mornings, banned a cartoon last weekend (Saturday, November 29) due to fact that it explains flatulence. The Hearst Corporation, creator & funder of the program, felt flatulence was inappropriate subject matter for children, and did not wish it to be included in the American version of the program.

    The company that produced the segment, SDA Productions of Montreal, Canada, supported the inclusion of the segment and felt kids would find it informative & entertaining. It will appear in versions of the show broadcast in Canada, Mexico & Germany.

    The segment, named Mechanix featuring Nix & Tix, have explained everything from how a car's engine works, to how a submarine submerges & surfaces, to why feet stink. Nix & Tix was created, written & drawn by Toronto animator Bruce Simpson, who also supplies the voices for the two characters. Simpson produces the animated segment each week for the internationally televised program, on a home computer.

    Popular Mechanics for Kids airs on the U.S. on CBS.-Steve Fritz